What’s New with Xively?

Leading the Way in IoT

With the latest round of updates, Xively continues to be the most complete IoT solution on the market.

Key New Features

Purpose-built to address key challenges in building and launching a connected product business.

Fully-Featured Firmware Management

See detailed insights of ongoing deployments, including progress, error codes and phases. As well as the entire history of file- and firmware-related events so you can see everything you need to know in one place.

Xively White-Label Mobile App

With the Xively white-label app, you get things like device onboarding, log in and password reset, profile management, basic device controls, and much more. Spin up a MVP in weeks, not months. The best part? It’s all included with Xively, with all of the enterprise-grade security Xively offers, and no additional cost.

Xively now an OAuth Provider

Xively customers can now integrate with external systems via OAuth 2.0, opening up a whole range of possibilities for how devices are controlled by third party systems, particularly in the smart home. As an OAuth provider, Xively allows customers to link third party systems like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Zapier, or any other OAuth 2.0 client to your Xively account, to rapidly prototype rules and integrations, and have specific control over permissions, access, and more.

Driving Down the Cost of IoT

Xively recently announced a partnership with Espressif, which brings with it an exciting addition to our developer kit functionality. This includes LibXively ported to the ESP32 chipset. The ESP32 is the lowest cost option available with Xively so far, allowing for fast and easy integration.

Firmware Management Built for Growing IoT Businesses

Monitor real-time status of your device file transfers within Xively.

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