What’s New with Xively?

Making IoT a Reality for All Companies

As we learn from customer deployments we are constantly adding to and improving the Xively platform.

Key New Features

Purpose-built to address key challenges in building and launching a connected product business.

Enhanced Security

You can now activate two-factor authentication for administrators within Xively. This addition helps your organization comply with security best practices and take further measures to prevent unauthorized access to devices and data.

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Real-Time Device Sync

Xively now holds a virtual model, or Reflection, of every device in the cloud. This allows you to read, interact with, and perform analytics on the current state of your devices across your entire fleet, even when devices are offline.

Learn more about Reflections
Expanded Hardware Integrations

Xively has pre-certified hardware integrations to meet any use-case and expedite connected product deployment. See the latest integrations and corresponding tutorials on the Xively developer center.

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Xively takes care of the IoT, so you can take care of business.

Xively is the fastest and most scalable IoT platform on the market today. Building on its proven track record of helping companies successfully navigate the IoT, the new version of Xively puts an end to do-it-yourself (DIY) IoT.

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