According to Xively research, 81% of companies attempting IoT on their own end up with cost overruns or products that get hacked. Securing a connected product requires new and complex proficiencies in areas such as network connectivity, device management, identity and access management, and analytics.


Xively offers everything needed to secure a connected product from the start, including:

Hardware and Devices

Xively offers hardware-specific security expertise to help businesses protect against device cloning, DDOS attacks and unauthorized access or control.

Onboarding and Applications

18% of consumers buying IoT products have trouble connecting the device to the Internet. To meet security requirements and deliver a streamlined customer experience, Xively offers out-of-the-box organization structures that simplify the customer onboarding process.

Data Storage

Connected products typically lack the processing power and memory to run antivirus software, firewalls and other widely used enterprise IT safeguards. Xively can help assure your customer, product and company data are stored safely and securely.


Solving Security Issues Central to IoT Success

Swept up in the promise of IoT, companies are giving top priority to new business models while underplaying security — and potentially opening the door to unnecessary risk. Read about ways to avoid the common security pitfalls.

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