Xively offers integrations with a variety of business tools, including CRMs, ERPs, analytics platforms, app development platforms and smart home ecosystems. In order to drive true value and uncover growth opportunities from connected products, it’s important to integrate the data with existing business tools. Xively makes integration easy, no matter your business goals.



The Xively Device Bridge app for Salesforce gives customers a real-time view into the health, status and other key product details. Set up automatic Salesforce ticket triggers in case of malfunction or to replenish necessities, automate workflows and more.

Data Processing

With Xively you get one-click Amazon Kinesis integration for robust data stream processing.

App Development

Xively product data can easily be delivered into Heroku, or other application platforms, to allow for rapid app development and new user engagement.

Smart Home Ecosystems

Xively is eco-system agnostic, offering experience with Nest, Alexa, Google Home and more, so you can integrate with the platform(s) of your choice.


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