Data Management

IoT connected devices continuously, and very rapidly, generate a large volume of data. To process this streaming data it must be ingested sequentially and with a low latency. Xively offers a number of tools to accomplish comprehensive data management, no matter the scale of your business.



With a lack of local storage, IoT devices need to utilize the cloud. A robust data center is needed as well as controlled access of data. Xively offers time-series data storage as a baseline of the standard platform.


Use Xively’s real-time stream processing tools and rules engine, as well as Xively’s integration with Amazon Kinesis, to perform root cause analysis, create visualizations and post massive queries.

Actionable Results

Xively provides the tools to improve performance and usability across device fleets, and push updates based on live data.


Guide to Connected Product Management

Learn how to successfully create value from a connected product, and avoid creating gadgets with short shelf life.

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