Our solution offers flexibility and security, along with strong business partners, to connect all types of devices across industries and environments. Whether your product is a small form-factor smoke detector, or large shipping containers, it will need the appropriate hardware to connect. Xively can help you navigate the process with consideration for your unique needs.


Device Messaging

The Xively MQTT broker is designed for scalability to very large numbers of devices and message rates, while providing extremely low latencies.

Xively Embedded IoT Client

Xively provides a best-in-class embedded C client library for MQTT communication. The library is designed for security and scalability, where processing capacity and memory may be extremely constrained.

Mobile SDKs

Available for both iOS and Android, Xively SDKs provide structure and methods for interacting with the Xively platform, including MQTT messaging and platform API calls.


Connecting Your Product to the IoT: What You Need to Know and How to Get Started

The purpose of this whitepaper is to explain, in a practical manner, the steps required to connect a device to the IoT.

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