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Connected Product Management

The Solution for Success in the IoT

Connected Product Management (CPM) helps companies harness the voice of the product and address the most pressing needs of today’s IoT connected businesses.

Challenges in IoT Today

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IoT Requires New and Complex Domain Expertise

The demands on an organization to successfully develop and deploy an IoT connected product simply don’t match the employee skill sets of most traditional product manufacturers. Yet, 81% of companies attempt IoT on their own leading to cost overruns, products that get hacked, and gadgets.

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New Customer Expectations

Most traditional companies have little if any direct interaction with end-users and end-customers. In a connected world this changes. Customers now look to engage directly with a company to resolve issues, including app and connectivity support.

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The Voice of the Product is Deafening

Most IoT projects look to benefit from new data sources, but the vast volumes of data created by connected products can quickly drown companies, leaving them information rich and insight poor. The data needs to be structured and made actionable.

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Product Companies Must Operate Like SaaS Companies

The early IoT was personified by tech start-ups, but today’s IoT is impacting many industries that until now were focused on one-time customer transactions. Customers now expect a high-availability (24/7) provider for a connected product.

Key Capabilities

A connected product management solution must provide these capabilities: