Profit from the Connected Product Conversation with the Xively IoT Platform

Take your product from concept to connected

Xively offers everything you need to help companies in any industry profit from the IoT.

Why Connect Features Overview

Xively is Business-Ready IoT

Bring products to market faster

Xively offers everything needed to build and launch a connected product in months, not years. Start with a solid foundation with business-ready infrastructure in order to focus on getting products into the hands of customers.

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Reduce risk for your business

The Xively IoT platform is built on LogMeIn’s foundation of quality and security, and is trusted by companies worldwide. Customers choose Xively for its ability to help companies deploy highly-successful connected products that drive real business growth.

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Build on an open ecosystem

Xively makes it easy to develop the best possible product for your business. From strong partnerships with hardware partners, to one-click integrations with business tools like Salesforce, Xively makes sure your product can be exactly what you want it to be.

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