Profit from the Connected Product Conversation with the Xively IoT Platform

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Discover how Connected Product Management (CPM) and Xively make the IoT more nimble, more impactful and more profitable.

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Connect products quickly and securely.

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Manage connected products and the data they produce.

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Engage with customers in new and surprising ways.

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We take care of the IoT so you can take care of business

Xively is truly the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to profit from the Internet of Things.

Key Capabilities

Nuts and bolts. Scripts and algorithms. We make the complete IoT possible.

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Connectivity Features

Blazing fast and infinitely scalable, Xively has the software and hardware solutions to help process over 86 billion messages per day. And all those connections are built on a thirteen-year legacy of security and reliability.

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Management Features

Xively reduces the complexity of running a connected business and provides everything you need for your connected products including provisioning, monitoring, updating, and user management.

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Engagement Features

Xively turns data and relationships into actionable insights allowing you to run a connected product business. Xively not only puts that product data at your fingertips but also integrates seamlessly with other business systems to drive new business automation and value.

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Professional Services

Using a business-first approach, we help accelerate the transformation of your company into a connected business, so you can quickly increase sales, optimize service and delight users and customers. We have a proven track record for success.