Smart Home Solutions

Smart home solutions require a proven platform.

The market for smart home solutions is growing quickly today as consumers are catching on to the savings, convenience and security these connected devices can bring.

From light bulbs and thermostats to security systems and appliances, smart home solutions enable consumers to interact with their environment in new and exciting ways. For customers, these devices that connect to one another via the Internet of Things (IoT) provide an extraordinary amount of control. For businesses, IoT smart home solutions represent a significant source of new revenue as well as new ways to engage customers.

The challenge of profiting from smart home solutions is threefold. Businesses need a way to easily connect smart home solutions quickly and securely. They need to be able to manage the large amounts of data each device will produce. And they need to turn that data into actionable insights about what consumers want and how to improve their experience.

For a growing number of companies around the world, IoT solutions from Xively are helping to minimize the complexity of Internet of Things home automation.

Manage smart home solutions with Xively.

Xively is one of the most proven, secure and reliable IoT cloud platforms on the market. Powered by LogMeIn, Xively enables you to quickly and securely connect smart home solutions, manage and integrate the vast volumes of data they produce, and engage and delight customers with new offerings and better customer service.

Rather than a do-it-yourself approach to connecting smart home solutions, Xively offers a platform that takes all the complexity out of managing Internet of Things services and products. Some companies mistakenly elect to build their own platforms for managing smart home solutions, only to find that their existing databases and systems fall short when it comes to the speed and scalability required to integrate IoT data. In contrast, Xively provides a platform that solves all of the technical challenges of managing IoT home automation devices. With Xively, you can focus on the opportunities for your business while Xively takes care of the IoT.

All the tools you need to connect smart home solutions.

With Xively’s application for smart home solutions, you can:

  • Get up and running quickly, securely and at scale, whether you’re connecting existing products, adapting previously enabled IoT products or designing new smart home solutions from scratch.
  • Minimize the complexity of running an IoT-related business with the tools to easily manage connected products and the data they produce.
  • Turn product data and relationships into actionable insight in order to drive innovation in product development and improve customer service and engagement.