Smart Home Internet of Things

From smart thermostats and intelligent smoke detectors to robot vacuums and connected espresso machines, the smart home Internet of Things marketplace has grown dramatically in recent years as the cost of adding connectivity to products falls and more consumers bring mobile computing devices into their homes. With the availability of cheap, low-power wireless sensors, more companies are able to develop IoT connected devices that offer greater convenience and “cool factor” to consumers and are also energy-efficient and affordable.

Although we haven’t achieved the ubiquitous automation of the home as imagined on The Jetsons just yet—a truly intelligent home in which our smart devices work together to improve our lives—with the right IoT device platform, today’s product makers can help us realize this vision.

The Smart Home Internet of Things: Why Haven’t We Realized the Truly Intelligent Home?

Whether it’s simply added functionality or an enhanced user experience, the selling points of smart home Internet of Things products are clear. So why haven’t we seen the same accelerated adoption of IoT technology solutions in the home as we’ve seen in the retail industry or utilities sector?

One set of challenges results from the consumer-facing aspect of smart home Internet of Things devices. First, there are consumer concerns about data security and privacy when it comes to IoT services and solutions. Then, there is the difficulty of providing customers with interfaces that are easy to understand and simple on-boarding processes. Finally, there is the demand of consumers for great tech support that they can depend on when something goes wrong.

The biggest challenge businesses face in the smart home Internet of Things market is offering consumers disruptive or truly revolutionary connected home experiences. In order to achieve the truly intelligent home, home IoT solutions providers will have to find ways to link different devices and applications together: to aggregate and integrate data from those devices in centralized systems and create ecosystems in which connected devices and applications communicate and cooperate to serve the customer.

Developing and Delivering Innovative Smart Home Internet of Things Solutions with Xively

Xively is a secure, scalable connected device platform that can help you maximize the value of smart home Internet of Things products for consumers. Offering high-speed connectivity, superior end-to-end security, and out-of-the-box data integration support, our Connected Product Management platform gives you the core capabilities you need to overcome the challenges of smart home product deployment. Our proven platform simplifies and accelerates the process of connecting, securing, and managing connected devices and the underlying Internet of Things infrastructure, so you can focus on delivering truly innovative products and services to users.