Security IoT

In the Internet of Things, security for IoT devices is essential to success.

Winning market share in the Internet of Things (IoT) may very well come down to how well your company can provide security for IoT products.

While connecting everyday IoT products like lightbulbs and thermostats may open up new revenue sources, it also opens up consumers to security issues. Every connected device becomes a potential point of vulnerability, and as consumers consider whether to bring IoT devices into their home, they’ll be looking first and foremost at the level of security in IoT products.

The challenge for ensuring security in IoT devices is immense. While products themselves must be secured, you must also defend the entire system around an IoT device — including mobile and web apps, servers, databases and integrations with other systems. The plain truth is, achieving security in the IoT is one tough nut to crack.

The difficulty of security in IoT products

As you work to provide security for IoT systems, you’ll face several critical challenges. Defending against data compromise may be the biggest task. The very thing that makes the IoT so appealing – the ability to capture incredibly detailed data – is also its Achilles’ heel, for once you’ve collected customer data you have a critical responsibility to protect it.

Protecting against unauthorized access is also important. Imagine what hackers could do by gaining control of a security video camera, a baby monitor or even an automobile.

And preventing denial of service is another big concern. The IoT is built on the promise of devices that are always on and always connected – consumers won’t stick with products they are unable to access.

Xively’s platform provides security for IoT devices.

Xively provides a market-leading Internet of Things platform that not only minimizes the complexity of managing connected devices but offers superior security for IoT initiatives.

Powered by LogMeIn, Xively’s Internet of Things cloud platform has been designed with IoT security purpose-built into every layer. In addition to world-class hardware and software, Xively’s outstanding support team can help to address any concerns regarding security in IoT operations.

In addition to securing the Internet of Things, Xively enables you to:

  • Connect devices quickly and easily and begin listening to the data they produce immediately.
  • Easily manage connected products and the huge amount of data they create, and integrated with existing information systems.
  • Turn data and relationships into insight to improve product development and engage customers more effectively.

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