Securing IoT for Smart Home System

IoT devices are becoming more prevalent in the household as connected devices are deployed for smart home systems. Securing IoT for smart home systems is one of the key challenges of deploying connected devices at scale in many homes. The security risks of an IoT system can increase with the number of IoT devices deployed because each device is an end-point of a network much like PCs and laptops are in an enterprise network.

Without proper IoT device security in place, serious security vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access and control, and compromised data, can occur. Leaving a device unsecured is similar to leaving an open door to hackers who can potentially control a device’s features for malicious purposes. Consequently, IoT home platform and device manufacturers must ensure that their products have adequate controls in place for securing IoT for a smart home system.

Use a Proven Platform for Securing IoT for Smart Home Systems

IoT solutions for smart home systems are increasingly available in the market. However, many such solutions offer fragmented features especially for IoT security. End-to-end security is required to protect both IoT devices and IoT data for securing IoT for any smart home system. Xively from LogMeIn is a secure IoT platform-as-a-service that provides end-to-end security to protect devices and user data on connected devices, data in transit, and data in the cloud.

Xively protects from unauthorized access and control of IoT devices and man-in-the-middle attacks where hackers take control of devices and use device features for malicious actions. Xively also protects smart home systems from device cloning where fake devices are used to input incorrect data into IoT analytics that result in false business insights, thereby compromising IoT business goals. As the leading connected IoT platform in the market, Xively ensures that data on devices and in transit is encrypted and secure to prevent data from being compromised. With these comprehensive security features for securing IoT for smart home systems, Xively is a proven solution for safeguarding IoT products in the home and elsewhere.

Leverage Xively Identity Management for Securing IoT for Smart Home Systems

A secure IoT home system requires authentication of users and devices. Without authentication and identity management of devices and users, an IoT system can easily be hacked into through attacks such as spoofing. Securing IoT for a smart home system using Xively leverages robust and scalable identity management capabilities. As a connected product management solution, Xively provides centralized identity management. Credentials are stored in the cloud for higher security and more efficient management of IoT devices. Devices and users authenticate against a centralized security infrastructure using cryptographically strong identification. Centralized management in a scalable IoT platform enables devices to be remotely provisioned, activated, or deactivated. Rogue devices can be quickly taken offline to prevent compromising an IoT smart home system.