Securing IoT Data

The drive for reduced time-to-market and quick adoption of IoT have resulted in many unsecured or improperly secured IoT deployments. This has created opportunities for hackers to break into IoT devices and platforms for malicious purposes. IoT data is a prime target for hackers, and hence, securing IoT data is a necessity for businesses adopting IoT. Compromised IoT data can be leveraged for competitive intelligence or sabotaged by corrupting data thereby resulting in incorrect business insights from your IoT deployment.

Selecting a secure IoT platform that provides both device and data security as primary capabilities is vital to your IoT success. Xively, from LogMeIn, is such a platform. It provides IoT data and IoT device security as core capabilities of its connected product management solution.

Xively: The Proven Solution for Securing IoT Data and Devices

IT data breaches are a common occurrence today. This is more reason to prioritize securing IoT data and devices at the outset when designing your IoT solutions. Xively helps you to do this by supporting a robust security architecture starting from the design of IoT devices and applications to their deployment and thereafter. Xively’s connected IoT platform is purpose-built to provide end-to-end security for securing IoT data and devices. All IoT data on devices, in transit, and in the cloud is encrypted.

Leaving devices unsecured allows IoT data to be vulnerable to hackers. Each IoT device is an end-point, similar to any desktop computer or laptop in an enterprise network. And, a network is only as secure as its weakest end-points. For IoT the number of connected devices can be very large, and securing IoT data from those devices can be challenging. To meet this challenge, Xively provides identity and access management capabilities for devices and users as key parts of its connected product management solution. These capabilities enable device identity lifecycle management as well as user and device authentication, resulting in a smoother user experience and a highly secure platform.

Use Xively for Securing IoT Data in Smart Homes

IoT for the home is a nascent market that is gaining momentum. Because of the diversity of IoT products available for the home, securing IoT for smart home system can be a complex task. Selecting IoT products with the correct security features is vital in securing IoT data and devices in the connected smart home. Xively has the technology, the experience, and the expertise to help you design and launch your home IoT products on a highly secure IoT home platform. With Xively’s connected product management solution, a smart home can be secured with identity management for authorizing and authenticating devices and users, and encryption for product data on devices, in the network, and in the cloud.