Secure IoT Platform

One of the key challenges when deploying an IoT solution is security. Securing IoT data and devices can be a complex task given the high number of devices in any IoT deployment. Leveraging an existing secure IoT platform with a track record of success is the quickest and best way to safeguard and derive ROI from your IoT investment.

The most proven and secure IoT platform in the market is Xively, from LogMeIn. Xively is a highly secure and highly scalable connected products platform. Xively and LogMeIn offer enterprises the convenience and scalability of a platform-as-a-service, and technology and expertise to get any enterprise IoT deployment up and running quickly, securely, and at scale.

Use Xively’s Secure IoT Platform to Protect your IoT Investment

Xively is designed from the ground up for IoT and provides comprehensive features for managing IoT devices and data. Because Xively is an IoT platform-as-a-service, it addresses many of the scalability, security, and data integrity issues intrinsic in IoT deployments. Xively incorporates features that ensure IoT device security and the integrity of IoT data.

Xively’s secure IoT platform provides identity management of users and devices for the access to, provisioning of, and decommissioning of devices. Unauthorized access into an IoT device is a top concern in IoT security because of the large number of device end-points and because hackers can maliciously use devices’ features once they gain access to them. For example, by not securing IoT for smart home system, hackers can break into devices and control the climate control devices in a house or use the devices in a DDoS botnet attack. By implementing an identity management system for both users and devices in its secure IoT platform, Xively guards against unauthorized access and control of devices.

Compromised data creates risks for enterprises through leaked product data that can reduce customer satisfaction and brand value. To ensure that IoT data on devices and in transit is not compromised, Xively’s secure IoT platform implements end-to-end security to protect both device and user data on devices, in addition to connected product data in transit and within applications. All messages sent to and from devices are encrypted.

Xively’s Secure IoT Platform Enables Fast ROI

For enterprises that are new to IoT deployments or even for enterprises that have some degree of IoT experience, leveraging Xively’s secure and scalable IoT platform, experienced professional services team, and deep IoT domain knowledge can significantly reduce time-to-market and accelerate ROI. Xively’s connected product management solution expedites IoT deployments by helping enterprises to manage IoT scalability, devices, identities, security, support, and integration with enterprise systems. Xively also assists enterprises to build connected product management applications to harness product data for actionable insights that bring high value to your enterprise -- for example, insights into how customers are using your products and particular product features. Using the Xively secure IoT platform is a win-win for your enterprise and your customers.