Scalable IoT Platform

The explosion of connected devices deployed in the field has stressed platforms and ecosystems that struggle to manage the sheer number of IoT devices and their data. In order to reap the benefits of IoT devices deployed by an enterprise, a highly scalable IoT platform is required to manage these devices and mine the data that they provide for actionable insights.

Xively, from LogMeIn, is the best connected device platform in the market for IoT deployments at scale. It is a platform-as-a-service designed and developed from the ground up for IoT deployments and offers comprehensive features to manage IoT devices and data through its connected product management solution.

Xively’s Scalable IoT Platform Enables Connected Product Management

From the large number of deployed IoT devices comes a large amount of data. Enterprises need IoT-specific domain expertise to manage their IoT deployments and to learn how to harness IoT device data for insights that boost operating efficiencies and revenues. Xively’s scalable IoT platform and professional services have a proven track record to enable connected product management capabilities for your enterprise so that you can derive real ROI from your IoT deployments. Xively’s scalable and connected IoT platform offers the following capabilities:

  • Scalable high speed connectivity -- An effective scalable IoT platform requires scalable low latency for millions of messages sent to and received from millions of IoT devices. Xively’s platform-as-a-service architecture is built to handle this low latency messaging at scale.
  • Device management -- Xively is a connected product management platform that provisions, configures, monitors, and administers IoT devices. It also manages firmware and software updates to these devices and related applications.
  • Identity management and security -- Xively provides device and user identity management features to manage access to, provisioning of, and decommissioning of devices. Its scalable IoT platform provides end-to-end security to protect devices as well as user data on devices, in the cloud, and in transit. All messages sent to and received from devices are encrypted to protect product data.
  • Remote device support -- Xively’s secure IoT platform enables individual devices to autonomously communicate with their manufacturers. This allows manufacturers to remotely troubleshoot and provide support for any issues on devices.
  • Integration with enterprise systems -- Xively’s scalable IoT platform enables integration of product data with enterprise systems such as CRM software. Product data CRM allows enterprises to leverage the data for insights that can, for example, enhance customer service or create upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Accelerate IoT Time-to-Value with the Xively Scalable IoT Platform

With the connected product management capabilities offered by Xively, enterprises can quickly leverage the benefits of deploying a proven scalable IoT platform. Xively allows you to connect products quickly and securely. It then allows you to manage connected products and their data streams. With this data, you can engage with customers in new and innovative ways that boost your competitive standing and profitability.