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See How Salesforce and Xively Have Helped These Customers on Their IoT Journey

Xively brings connected product data into Salesforce to create new business value. Together Xively and Salesforce are developing complete solutions and delivering business value to customers.


New England BioLabs

New England BioLabs — which produces specialized enzymes and other reagents for genomic (DNA) research — connected its freezers in customer labs to better serve the scientists that use its products.



Lutron now has the ability to provide proven and secure data connectivity among people, data, and devices around the globe into the Lutron Smart Bridge. Bringing Lutron’s smart lights and shades to the cloud was a natural step for Lutron.



SATO was able to launch the world’s first industrial label printer IoT service. The cloud-based maintenance solution for its Internet-enabled CL4/6NX-J printers allows SATO customers and partners to significantly accelerate recovery and maintenance timeframes through remote control capabilities.

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