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On-demand Webinar: Today’s IoT Security Landscape, and How Companies Can Avoid Common IoT Security Mistakes

A new survey from LogMeIn's Xively and Paul Roberts of Security Ledger found that barely one in three companies are prepared to take even simple precautions to protect customer data on connected devices, like forcing customers to change default passwords. The survey of 400 executives, product architects, designers and product managers found evidence of confused priorities among device makers. Great concern about sophisticated, external attacks on connected devices, like malicious software updates, failed to extend to common but less sophisticated problems like the denial of service attacks. And, in an environment where 81% of hacking related breaches used either stolen or weak passwords, the Xively-Security Ledger survey found a wide gap between the stated concerns of connected product companies and the device security features they were prepared to implement.

What low hanging security fruit is being left for the picking by connected product firms? And how can simple changes like stronger access control have a big impact on their security posture? In this webinar we will dig into the drivers of security vulnerabilities impacting IoT connected products today, and what can be done to reduce breaches and keep connected products secure.


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