Webinars | IoT for Customer Service, Connected Product Basics

On-Demand Webinar: Meeting Changing Customer Service Expectations in a Connected World

Connectivity Changes the Game for Customer Service

The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces a new paradigm for brand and consumer relationships, in which any ‘thing’ can be connected to the Internet. It has the potential to transform customer service through the visibility and action it offers to more efficiently identify problems and create resolution. In this webinar we’ll take a closer look at how expectations for customer service are changing, how IoT supports these changing expectations, and what companies can do to start meeting them.


  • Jessica Groopman, Altimeter Research
  • Charlene Li, Altimeter Research
  • Peter Zenoun, Director of Products, LogMeIn
  • Matt Duffy, VP Marketing, LogMeIn (Moderator)

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