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On-Demand Webinar: Getting Started with IoT - The Building Blocks for a Successful IoT Business

Any company that is starting their IoT journey knows that designing and implementing an IoT strategy can be overwhelming. A successful IoT outcome requires having a plan for connecting, managing, and automating your connected product business before you launch a product to market.

Learn the key steps needed to connect a product, model a connected business, and support products once they are in the field.

The webinar recording will cover:

  • Best practices on getting started with IoT
  • How you can save significant time and money on development
  • Recommended reference architecture for a connected product, user app, and business systems
  • Examples of real-world implementations of IoT products


  • Adam Michelson, VP Professional Services, Xively by LogMeIn
  • Fraser Macdonald, Senior Product Manager, Xively by LogMeIn

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