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Meeting Changing Customer Service Expectations in a Connected World

Today, consumers expect rapid responses when engaging with brands and the Internet of Things (IoT) introduces a new paradigm for brand and consumer relationships, in which any ‘thing’ can be connected to the Internet.

Thanks to IoT, the future of customer service has the potential to be wildly improved from the standard of support to which we are accustomed today. Ignoring this shift in customer service is ignoring a huge opportunity to augment our businesses and disrupt the norm. It’s up to brands to better delight customers or else their competitors will pass them by.

Download this research report by Altimeter Group and Xively to learn:

  • How a new paradigm of connectivity changes the game for customer service
  • How the Internet of Things addresses changing consumer expectations
  • How the Internet of Things enhances reactive support & enables proactive support
  • How organizations must prepare for the future of service

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