Companies shaping the future of the IoT with Xively

Xively Partner Network

Xively partners with hardware and software technology leaders as well as expert system integrators to accelerate innovation in the Internet of Things.

Xively Certified™

Xively Certified Systems Integration partners help customers to design, architect, build, integrate, deploy and support compete IOT solutions that leverage the Xively Connected Product Management (CPM) platform.

Xively Ready™

Xively Ready partner hardware solutions - such as chipsets, reference boards, modules, and gateways – have been integrated to connect with the Xively CPM platform. This enables customers to accelerate their connected product journey and quickly take those products to commercial-scale deployment.

Xively Connected™

Xively Connected software solutions interoperate seamlessly with Xively to extend the power of the Xively platform into other key applications used to run a company’s connected business — not limited to CRM, ERP, Customer Engagement, Field Service, Inventory Management, and other business tools.

Xively Advisory Board™

The Xively IoT Advisory Board brings together strategic partners, customers, and IoT industry leaders to exchange ideas, advocate for the IoT industry, and help share future IoT solutions.