IoT for Smart Energy & Utilities

Energy companies harness the power of IoT

See real impact for energy generation, distribution, management, storage and conservation.

Seize real-time Opportunities

Access granular product data to track product health and identify issues before they occur.

Improve Service

Enable demand-response options for customers, and increase uptime by identifying issues earlier.

Drive new revenue

Identify cost savings opportunities, or create replenishable business models.


Energy Efficiency Enabled by IoT

See how Xively helped Heatworks focus on delivering the best possible customer experience with their energy-efficient, IoT-enabled hot water heater.

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Xively is Built for Smart Energy and Utility Companies

Connect and manage products for energy generation, distribution, management, and conservation.


How IoT Connected Products Are Transforming Energy Usage and Storage

Understand how the IoT is driving change in the energy industry and the IoT's impact on increasing energy efficiency, reducing cost, or automating service.

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