The Era of DIY Has Passed

You Don’t Have to Navigate the IoT Alone

Until now, the IoT industry has not presented customers with an easy path to build a connected product business. That is all changing today with the latest Xively Connected Product Management platform release.

Challenges of Building a Solution from Scratch

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Inability to Act on Data

Connecting a product will amplify real-time information about products and customers – by as much as 6x. But existing database tools can’t manage or integrate that amount of data.

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Distraction of Technical Challenges

Instead of dedicating time and resources to building and supporting complex technology, spend more time on creating value from your connected products and growing your business.

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Unanticipated Security Issues

There are multiple vulnerability points in an IoT system that most companies do not have the internal expertise to manage, which means home-grown solutions often get hacked.

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Poor User Management

A critical element of an IoT solution is a centralized system of record to manage users and groups of connected products. In itself, organizing users for access and authentication is complex and can become an unmanageable process for a company.

81% of companies that attempt IoT on their own
face cost overruns, products that get hacked,
and gadgets with short shelf-life.

Xively takes care of the IoT, so you can take care of business.

Companies that build their own IoT systems are signing up for a long-term obligation to support that system and update it as standards, adjacent systems, and products evolve. These DIY systems can quickly eat up entire budgets and cripple an organization.

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