IoT Technology Solutions

With rapid growth in cloud and mobile computing and advances in big data analytics, more companies are discovering ways to leverage the Internet of Things for their business. By combining both new and existing technologies such as low-power wireless sensors and consumer mobile devices, digital-focused firms are now able to deliver innovative and affordable IoT technology solutions to market.

By developing, deploying, and using IoT technology solutions, companies are able to:

  • Achieve a higher level of product and brand differentiation and create new omni-channel experiences for their customers
  • Transform their business model from one focused on one-time transactions to a model based on continuous customer engagement
  • Use IoT connected devices to gain insights into and improve multiple facets of their business—from supply chain management to marketing

IoT Technology Solutions: Delivering Value to Businesses and Consumers

One area in which we’ve seen increased adoption of IoT technology solutions is retail. Incorporating IoT sensors into product inventory, in warehouses, and in other physical assets, Internet of Things retail industry solutions allow businesses to optimize both in-store and online customer-facing operations as well as behind-the-scenes business processes.

Firms can utilize IoT technology to improve operational efficiency and asset management by using data from connected devices to automate and optimize processes like purchasing and inventory management. IoT technology solutions can also be used to enhance the customer experience through IoT-enabled services such as smart shopping carts or personalized recommendations delivered via mobile app.

Other promising applications of IoT technology solutions are found in healthcare today. Whether in the patient’s home or in the hospital, connected healthcare solutions are delivering a host of benefits to both consumers and healthcare providers. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a proliferation of health-related apps and notable advancements in biosensing wearable technology as well as remote patient monitoring tools—all of which are helping patients and consumers better monitor and manage their health. And as more firms are able to leverage an IoT platform for medical devices -- an IoT device platform that makes it easier to interconnect medical IoT devices and applications -- we should expect to see even more innovative and powerful combinations of IoT technology solutions in the healthcare space.

Helping You Deliver Tomorrow’s IoT Technology Solutions Today: Faster, Smarter IoT with Xively

Xively is an award-winning connected product management (CPM) platform from LogMeIn that simplifies and accelerates the process of deploying and managing Internet of Things connected devices. Named the 2016 Global IoT Platform of the Year, our CPM platform helps you develop and deliver high-performance, high-value IoT technology solutions. Whether you’re still in the process of prototyping or ready to connect and manage your product, we can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to proceed with confidence and get to market faster. The Xively platform offers high-speed connectivity, superior user device and identity management capabilities, and end-to-end security for your devices and your users’ data.