IoT technology

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT technology is revolutionizing business.

The Internet of things (IoT) – the network of connected physical objects — is opening up new possibilities for innovation, revenue and customer engagement for businesses around the world. Growing evidence suggests that IoT technology can help companies build better products, create new business models and deliver services that delight customers with new and surprising capabilities.

For all of its promise, IoT technology also presents significant challenges for IT teams. Connecting a large number of IoT smart home products and other devices will inevitably create vast amounts of new real-time information that must be managed and integrated with other business systems. All these new devices represent new points of potential vulnerability and must be secured in order to protect against security breaches. Managing a centralized record system of IoT technology and authenticating users for access can be a highly complex endeavor. And meeting these challenges can easily overwhelm an IT team, pulling staff and resources away from higher-value activities.

To manage IoT technology more effectively, companies need a proven Internet of Things solution that can help to connect devices easily, manage the data they produce and simplify security and user authentication. That’s where Xively can help.

Manage IoT technology more easily with Xively.

Xively provides an award-winning IoT system that lets you manage IoT technology to reap the benefits of the Internet of Things. Xively is the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to profit from this revolutionary technology. Xively’s IoT application lets you facilitate communication between connected products and your Internet of Things architecture in order to develop, market, sell and support the next generation of connected devices.

Xively enables you to:

  • Connect quickly. Xively’s software, hardware and engineering expertise helps you get products up and running quickly, whether you’re designing IoT technology from scratch, adapting a previously enabled product or connecting existing IoT technology.
  • Manage efficiently. Xively minimizes the complexity of running a connected business and provides all the tools you need for managing and integrating data and securing the Internet of Things.
  • Engage successfully. Xively helps you engage customers in new ways, turning data and relationships into actionable insights and creating new opportunities to deliver value.

Benefits for developing IoT technology

When you manage your IoT initiatives with Xively, you can:

  • Enhance products and services with new capabilities.
  • Develop new revenue streams.
  • Gain insight into how products perform.
  • Improve the customer experience by understanding customers are using a product.
  • Reduce risk with a proven solution for developing, launching and running a connected business.

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