IoT technologies

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT technologies require new management solutions.

As your business considers how best to profit from the Internet of Things (IoT), you must develop sophisticated systems for successfully managing IoT technologies.

Whether you’re connecting wearable technology or IoT home automation products, the volume of data these devices generate will be immense, potentially overwhelming existing database systems and making integration with other business systems incredibly complex. Internet of Things security is a real issue as well, as protecting IoT technologies requires multiple new layers of defenses. Managing devices as well as user access and authentication can draw significant resources from IT teams that should be focused on higher-value activities.

With so many challenges confronting enterprise IoT initiatives, it’s no wonder that more than 80% of companies attempting to manage IoT technologies on their own end up with cost overruns, security breaches and connected devices with very short shelf life.

Manage IoT technologies for profit with Xively.

Xively by LogMeIn offers a proven platform and robust Internet of Things applications that can dramatically simplify the task of managing IoT technologies. Rather than developing IoT cloud platforms and systems on your own — and managing and updating them long-term as the IoT industry evolves — Xively lets you immediately put in place a solution to connect products and services, manage the data from those connections, and engage more closely with your customers. By accelerating your progress in managing IoT technologies, Xively helps you stay at the forefront of the IoT revolution and profit more easily from the vast potential of the Internet of Things.

Extensive capabilities for connecting and managing IoT technologies

Xively’s features include:

  • Device management capabilities for provisioning, configuring, monitoring, administrating and updating connected devices.
  • High-speed connectivity with low latency, with the ability to process millions of messages at sub-second speed across millions of devices.
  • Identity management for devices and users to secure devices and the data they produce while in transit and within other applications.
  • End-to-end security features for managing access, provisioning and decommissioning of products.
  • Remote device support for autonomously communicating issues to OEMs, providing context that can be used for troubleshooting.
  • Integration features that enable you to easily integrate data from connected products with your CRM and other primary enterprise systems.
  • Engagement features that let you turn data and relationships into actionable insights, helping to delight customers with new capabilities and increase customer satisfaction.

Learn more about managing IoT technologies with Xively, and about Xively solutions for the device cloud with our free trial.