IoT systems

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT systems simplify management of connected devices.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms the way we do business, companies wanting to prosper from this new technology will need sophisticated IoT systems and IoT software to manage it well.

The IOT promises to deliver extraordinary value by giving everyday products a voice to communicate information to people, environments and other products. From IoT smart home devices that can be monitored and controlled remotely to wearable technology providing data about a user’s behavior, Internet of Things solutions can help to create revenue streams and increase innovation and customer satisfaction.

But the amount of data provided by connected devices can easily overwhelm traditional database tools, and the amount of time required to manage it can distract IT teams from higher-value activities. New points of connection also mean new security vulnerabilities, and managing access and authentication only adds additional complexity to a rapidly changing security landscape.

The good news: these challenges can be easily addressed with innovative IoT systems that simplify management of connected devices, integrate new data streams with existing information sources, and help organizations more effectively manage new product development and customer service.

IoT systems from Xively

Xively offers award-winning IoT systems and IoT cloud services for companies that want to take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet of things. Xively’s IoT cloud platform lets connect products quickly and securely, manage the data they produce more easily and turn it into actionable insights that help to engage customers in new and surprising ways.

With Xively’s IoT systems, you can:

  • Build new revenue streams by adding new products, features, services and capabilities.
  • Gain insight into products and systems by analyzing data from connected devices.
  • Delight customers by knowing how and when each customer is using your product and anticipating their needs in real time.
  • Reduce risk by implementing Xively’s reliable and flexible Internet of Things cloud services rather than attempting to build IoT systems from scratch.

Features of Xively’s IoT systems

Xively IoT systems simplify management of devices and data with a powerful set of features that include capabilities for:

  • Connectivity. Xively IoT system deliver the speed and scalability you need to process data streams from thousands of connected devices.
  • Management. Xively includes tools for provisioning, monitoring and updating connected devices and for managing user authentication and access.
  • Engagement. Xively transforms data and relationships into actionable insights, putting data at your users’ fingertips and integrating it seamlessly with other business systems to drive innovation, automation and value.
  • Professional services. Xively’s team of experts can help accelerate business transformation, enabling you to more quickly improve sales, optimize service and engage users and customers.

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