IoT system

What is the Internet of Things?

Manage connected devices more easily with the right IoT system.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of business transformation, but companies will need a superior IoT system to ride that wave successfully.

The IoT gives companies the ability to collect data from a wide variety of connected devices, from wearable technology and smart home products to automobiles and manufacturing machines. But managing that data and gleaning insights from it is not an easy task. The sheer volume of IoT data from newly connected devices can easily overwhelm IT teams and traditional database systems. Many IT teams lack the skill set required to deploy an IoT system in-house. And as customers understand the potential of the Internet of things, expectations for faster resolution and support will rise, placing additional burden on IT staffs that should be focused on more strategic priorities.

The right IoT system can address these challenges, enabling companies to manage connected devices with ease, integrate data with information from other business systems and delight customers with new products and services and better customer support.

An IoT system from Xively

Xively, a division of LogMeIn, is an award-winning IoT system and IoT application solution for businesses that want to build and deploy connected products and services. With Xively, you can easily and securely connect products, manage data and engage customers to reap the potential of the Internet of Things.

Xively enables you to:

  • Enhance products and services. Whether you are designing new IoT products from scratch, connecting existing products or adapting products previously enabled for IoT, Xively lets you get up and running quickly and securely while scaling easily to meet requirements.
  • Manage products and data. With Xively, you can eliminate the complexity of running a connected business, relying on easy-to-use tools to integrate data for new and richer business insights.
  • Engage customers. Xively lets you turn data and relationships into actionable insights, giving you the ability to engage customers in new and surprising ways.

Xively’s IoT system delivers powerful capabilities.

As an IoT system, Xively provides a rich feature set that makes it easier to profit from the Internet of Things. Capabilities include:

  • Speed and scalability. Xively’s IoT connectivity features provide blazing fast speed and infinite scalability, enabling you to process more than 86 billion messages per day.
  • Data and user management. Xively minimizes the complexity of managing connected devices with tools for provisioning, monitoring and updating devices as well as managing users and authentication.
  • Customer engagement. Xively’s IoT system enables data from connected devices to be easily integrated with other business systems to drive automation, value and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Professional services. Xively’s expert consultants can help to speed the transformation of your company into a connected business, helping to increase sales, delight customers, optimize services and streamline operations.

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