IoT solutions

What is the Internet of Things?

The challenge of do it-yourself IoT solutions

As the Internet of Things (IoT) opens up new ways to grow revenue, optimize operations and delight customers, business need robust IoT solutions to manage their connected devices and the enormous amount of data they produce. As you consider ways to take advantage of IoT systems, you may be considering the option of developing IoT solutions from scratch. But the challenges facing this do-it-yourself approach are immense.

Connecting a variety of products will drastically increase the amount of real-time information you receive about products and customers, and your existing database tools are likely not designed to manage that much data while integrating it with other business systems. The time required to develop and manage your internal IoT solutions will pull your IT team off of other higher-value activities. Handling a centralized system of records and organizing users for access and authentication is complex and can easily become unmanageable. And because IoT products provide multiple points of vulnerability, it’s easy for homegrown IoT solutions to be hacked.

The bottom line: 81% of companies developing their own IoT solutions get hacked, face cost overruns or end up with devices with short shelf-life.

Xively IoT solutions makes life easier.

Xively by LogMeIn is an award-winning enterprise IoT platform that enables you to easily connect products and services and to profit from the Internet of things.

Xively’s IoT solutions let you easily model and connect products and immediately begin gathering information. You can define new features, easily manage users and integrate product data with your existing IT systems. Your product development team will get clear insight from a real-life user base, improving and optimizing product development. You’ll know the second that a new product is online or when a problem arises, enabling your support team to delight customers by resolving issues quickly. Xively integrates your IoT data with data in your other business systems, enabling you to harness and take advantage of the power of the Internet of Things.

Benefits of Xively’s IoT solutions

With IoT solutions from Xively, you can:

  • Add additional revenue streams. Build greater revenue by offering new features, new products and services.
  • Enhance the customer experience. Use real-time data and robust IoT data analytics to know when and how customers are using your product.
  • Improve products and services. Add new capabilities that delight customers and drive revenue.
  • Get insight from your products. Use data gleaned from connected products to get a deeper and clear of your business.
  • Mitigate risk. Minimize the cost and complexity of managing connected products.

Learn more about IoT solutions from Xively and about Xively's solution for the healthcare Internet of Things with our free trial.