IoT software platform

What is the Internet of Things?

Manage the Internet of things with an IoT software platform.

As you consider how best to profit from the Internet of Things (IoT), choosing the right IoT software platform must be a top priority.

Many companies hoping to realize the potential of enterprise IoT have made the mistake of taking a do-it-yourself approach to implementing an IoT software platform. But building your own IoT cloud platform from scratch poses a number of challenges. Connecting thousands or millions of IoT products creates new points of security vulnerability that must be protected and managed in order to defend your organization from threats. IoT cloud platforms must also deal with much larger amounts of real-time information from connected products, and many existing database tools and business systems simply aren’t prepared for data volumes of this size. Your IoT software platform must also offer a centralized system to authenticate and manage users and groups of connected products – a highly complex task under the best of circumstances.

Bottom line, the risk in developing your own IoT software platform is that you will not only face cost overruns and security breaches (as more than 80% of companies do), but that the technical challenges of managing Internet of Things applications and products will distract your IT team from higher-value activities that can move the business forward in significant ways.

Xively’s IoT software platform unites company, product and customer.

Xively offers an IoT software platform that lets you avoid a DIY model and that provides an easy path to building a connected product business. Xively’s award-winning platform lets you easily connect and secure your products, manage and integrate the data they produce, and engage more successfully with your customers.

With Xively’s IoT software platform you can:

  • Enhance products and services with new capabilities.
  • Realize opportunities to add new revenue streams.
  • Improve the customer experience with real-time information about how your products are being used.
  • Get a richer view of your business by integrating connected product data with other information systems.
  • Mitigate the risk and minimize the cost of developing, launching and running a connected business.

An IoT software platform for connected performance management

As one of the industry’s leading Internet of Things platforms, Xively enables superior connected performance management with a rich set of capabilities that include:

  • High-speed connectivity with low latency and great scalability that allows you to process information from millions of devices at sub-second speeds.
  • Device management tools to provision, configure, monitor, administrate and update products.
  • Identity management features that help to secure devices and authenticate end-users.
  • Device and cloud security capabilities to protect devices and the data they contain while at rest and in transit.
  • Integration features that enable you to integrate connected devices with other primary enterprise systems and Internet of Things solutions.

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