IoT software

What is the Internet of Things?

The right IoT software speeds business transformation.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms the way that business connects with products and customers, the right IoT software can accelerate your adoption of IoT technology.

The IoT gives everyday products and connected home solutions a voice to communicate everything from “I’m on” and “here’s how I’m being used” to “I’m going to need a replacement part within a few weeks and here’s why.” This new data can create new revenue opportunities, improve the customer experience and drive product innovation.

But to successfully profit from this transformation, you’ll need a powerful IoT software that lets you easily connect thousands or millions of devices, manage and secure the data they produce, and integrate it with data from other systems to produce the insight that lets you engage your customers more effectively. For many leading companies hoping to profit from the IoT and an Internet of Things architecture, Xively offers the IoT software of choice.

Connect more quickly with IoT software from Xively.

Xively’s award-winning IoT software solution delivers a fast, easy and powerful way to profit from the IoT. A leader among Internet of Things platforms, Xively provides all the tools you need to successfully develop, market, sell and support the next generation of connected products and Internet of Things home automation.

Xively’s IoT software allows you to:

  • Connect products quickly and securely – Xively’s IoT software, hardware and engineering expertise can help you connect to existing products, adapt previously enabled products and design new connected products from scratch.
  • Manage products in data more effectively – Xively minimizes the complexity of managing IoT devices, allowing you to build a connected business more quickly.
  • Engage your customers in new ways – Xively helps turn large volumes of new data from connected devices into actionable insight to help you surprise and delight customers with new products and services.

Rich IoT software capabilities help simplify the Internet of things.

IoT software from Xively provides all the tools and features you need to manage performance of your connected devices more easily.

  • High-speed IoT connectivity and high scalability let you process millions of messages from connected devices at sub- second speeds.
  • Device and fleet management features include tools for provisioning, configuring, monitoring, administrating and updating devices.
  • Security features help protect devices and data by managing access, provisioning and decommissioning of products.
  • Identity management tools help to authenticate devices and users and to protect data while in transit and within other applications.
  • Remote device support enables devices to communicate issues to OEMs.
  • Integration tools provide standard APIs and out-of-the-box connectors to integrate connected product data with CRM systems and other enterprise data.

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