IoT Smart Home

IoT smart home products offer new revenue sources.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to impact the business world, IoT smart home devices are bringing Internet of Things services and products to the average consumer.

IoT smart home technology enables consumers to connect and automate everything from lighting fixtures and kitchen appliances to security devices and heating/cooling technology, controlling these IoT home automation solutions with smartphones, their voice and/or remote controls. With IoT smart home products, you can have your lights automatically turn on just as you arrive home, grant access to your front door to certain people at certain times, know when you’re out of milk or eggs, and even respond to the doorbell remotely from anywhere in the world.

With these smart home solutions (and the many IoT smart home products that are yet to come to market), businesses are poised to take advantage of remarkable new revenue streams. Internet of Things home automation also promises to improve customer relationships, as connected devices provide businesses with critical information about consumer preferences, behavior and product usage.

Effective IoT device management is the key to profiting from the IoT smart home revolution. Connecting products and managing the extreme volumes of data they produce is a significant challenge. That’s where Xively can help.

Manage IoT smart home devices with Xively.

Xively is a division of LogMeIn, a company that is simplifying the way people connect to their colleagues, employees, devices and the world around them.

Simply put, Xively makes the IoT easier. From enabling you to quickly connect products and manage the data they produce to helping you turn data and relationships into actionable insight to deliver greater value, Xively’s IoT system provides all the tools you need to compete successfully in the IoT smart home market. With Xively, you can focus on the critical tasks of managing your business while Xively takes care of the complex job of managing your connected devices.

Xively’s capabilities for IoT smart home technology

Xively provides a rich set of easy-to-use tools for managing your IoT smart home offerings.

  • Xively’s connectivity features provide the hardware and software solutions to process billions of messages per day. Infinitely scalable and blazing fast, Xively’s connectivity is supported by a 13-year legacy of reliability and security.
  • Robust management features minimize the complexity of building and operating a connected business and provide all the tools you need to provision, monitor and update devices and manage users and access.
  • Xively’s engagement capabilities help you turn data into insight, putting product information at your fingertips and seamlessly integrating it with other business systems to foster automation and drive greater business value.