IoT Services and Solutions

Digital transformation is a priority for firms today. And IoT services and solutions are helping forward-thinking companies achieve a higher level of digital transformation, enabling them to provide their customers innovative connected products and powerful new services and experiences.

IoT services and solutions are allowing companies to create new business models and transform industries. Internet of Things retail industry solutions, for example, are changing the way physical assets are managed, helping to automate and optimize processes across the entire supply chain. And a new generation of smart home Internet of Things solutions is accelerating innovation in the consumer product marketplace, enabling an exciting and lucrative transition for firms from selling standalone products to offering integrated products and services, or “products as a service”.

Five Steps to Developing and Deploying IoT Services and Solutions

Developing and deploying IoT services and solutions isn’t easy, however, and companies would be well advised to follow these five basic steps when embarking on what can become a costly, time-consuming, and frustrating experience—without the right tools and domain expertise. In order to achieve the most value from your IoT investment, you will want to:

  • Start by developing an IoT strategy that identifies the concrete benefit(s) you seek to provide customers and achieve for your business using IoT technology
  • Evaluate your IT readiness for implementing IoT services and solutions including the capabilities of your connectivity and networking infrastructure
  • Find or hire people with the skills or expertise necessary for deploying and managing IoT connected devices and analyzing the data streaming from those devices
  • Define measures that your company and third-party partners will take to ensure the security of your devices and of data on those devices, while in transit, and in backend systems
  • Invest in new hardware and software to build a secure, scalable IoT-ready infrastructure capable of supporting your planned as well as future IoT services and solutions

Using Xively to Build and Deliver IoT Services and Solutions Faster and Easier

Or, skip most of those steps, and let Xively help you embark on your IoT journey. Partnering with an IoT device platform or connected device management platform like Xively lets you more easily, quickly, and cost-effectively develop and deliver IoT-enabled products and services.

With Xively, you can deploy IoT services and solutions without having to build your own Internet of Things infrastructure or sacrifice the security of your device data. With the Xively ProductLauncher, you can develop a proof of concept in no time at all. And once you’ve finalized your vision, our experts can help you realize it faster than you might have imagined.

Our platform provides you with the high-speed connectivity, powerful device and identity management capabilities, and end-to-end security you need to build and offer your users innovative IoT technology solutions—truly smart IoT services and solutions that deliver real value to your business and your customers.