IoT Security

The challenges of IoT security

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to create new opportunities and business models, the issue of IoT security has become a critical priority for companies participating in this developing business landscape.

Each connected device – whether it’s a lightbulb, a baby monitor, a networked printer or an automobile -- has the potential to be hacked. As consumers consider whether to purchase and use connected products, IoT security will be one of their chief concerns and a critical barrier to sales that companies will need to overcome.

Securing the Internet of Things involves protection of the system surrounding an IoT device or connected product – everything from mobile and web apps to databases and servers and integrations with other systems. It’s a very large target, which makes IoT security a very big challenge.

IoT security: the five key issues

There are several critical areas of IoT security that companies face when building and scaling a connected product business:

  • Unauthorized access or control. Imagine a connected automobile being taken over remotely by a hacker, or a security system being compromised by a malicious individual.
  • Data compromise. The selling point of IoT connectivity -- the data from connected devices that can be used to improve products and the customer experience – is also the biggest IoT security issue. Once companies have collected customer data, they have to figure out how to protect it.
  • Denial of service. Denial of service (DoS) attacks threaten the greatest benefit of IoT devices for consumers: the promise of a constantly connected product.
  • Unintended functionality. Another area of concern is when devices are hacked and used in unexpected ways – a baby monitor that becomes a listening device, for example, or a security camera that can be taken over by hackers and used to know when the family is at home or away.
  • Device cloning. When foreign hardware connects in a way that looks and acts like a legitimate device, the problem can quickly scale and overload systems with junk data.

Achieve IoT security with Xively.

When working to achieve Internet of Things security as you bring connected products to market, it pays to choose a partner with proven security in IoT technology. For thousands of companies worldwide, the best IoT platform for protecting connected devices is Xively.

Xively’s Internet of Things solution is a cloud-based platform that simplifies management of all aspects of the Internet of things, including IoT security. Rather than spending valuable resources creating internal and proprietary IoT security solutions, Xively lets you quickly and securely connect devices, manage data and engage customers to profit more successfully from the IoT.