IoT products

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT products are revolutionizing business.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to mature, IoT products will dramatically change the way we live and work – and the way that businesses profit and thrive. From light bulbs to running shoes and medical bracelets to manufacturing processes, connected IoT products will revolutionize business offerings as well as customer expectations.

But companies rushing to bring new IoT products to market face several critical challenges. Successfully developing and deploying IoT products requires a skill set that most companies don’t have in-house. Customers expect faster resolution of issues and greater app and connectivity support, placing additional strain on IT staffs. And the incredible volume of data produced by IoT products can easily overwhelm a company that lacks an innovative IoT system to manage, structure, integrate and learn from this new information stream.

To truly profit from the potential of the Internet of Things, companies need an IoT platform that lets them connect IoT products securely, manage data and users easily, and engage with customers more effectively.

Connect IoT products easily with Xively.

Xively by LogMeIn is an IoT software platform that provides the tools you need to successfully develop and manage IoT products. Built from the ground up for speed and scalability, Xively lets you model and connect products and immediately begin collecting IoT data. You can quickly find new features, proactively manage users and authentication, and efficiently integrate data from IoT products with information from your existing business systems.

With Xively, you’ll always know when a new product is online or when a customer is experiencing a problem. Your product development team members will draw critical insight from a real-life user base, enabling them to refine existing products and innovative new products more easily. And you’ll have full control of the massive amount of data from your connected products, with the ability to easily combine it with data from CRM systems and other sources to see your products and your business more clearly.

Rich capabilities for managing IoT products

Simple to deploy and easy to use, Xively provides comprehensive capabilities that simplify the Internet of things.

  • IoT device management capabilities include provisioning, configuration, administration, monitoring, firmware and software updates along with tools for product fleet and dashboards.
  • Identity management tools enable you to authenticate users, secure devices and protect connected product data during transfer and within other applications.
  • IoT Security capabilities protect both your devices as well as the data on the device while in transit and in the cloud.
  • Engagement capabilities enable you to turn data from IoT products into actionable insight and to deliver information to your users’ fingertips.

Learn more about managing IoT products with Xively, and about Xively's industrial IoT platform and solutions for Internet of Things home automation with our free trial.