IoT Platform for Medical Devices

As smaller and more affordable wireless sensors and actuators become available, medical device manufacturers are able to develop innovative and new IoT-enabled products for consumers and medical professionals. The introduction of these products will further the recent trend of digitalization in the medical industry. The most promising future of IoT technologies in healthcare however, depends largely on the leveraging of an IoT platform for medical devices -- a highly secure, scalable IoT device platform that can be used to connect and integrate data from multiple connected healthcare solutions and systems.

With an IoT platform for medical devices, manufacturers and other organizations can better monitor and manage their connected devices, provide end-to-end security for devices and data, and enable sophisticated data aggregation and analysis—all essential capabilities for building stable, secure healthcare IoT ecosystems.

Integrating Connected Healthcare Solutions with an IoT Platform for Medical Devices

Various connected medical devices and applications are already in use in both clinical and non-clinical healthcare settings. But in order to truly revolutionize healthcare with Internet of Things connected devices, it will be necessary to interconnect sensors and devices and integrate data from those devices with centralized systems where patient data can then be collected, analyzed, and transformed into actionable insights.

An effective IoT platform for medical devices allows for the aggregation and analysis of data from multiple sources across the healthcare IoT ecosystem. From this transformed data, doctors and other healthcare professionals can gain holistic insight into their patients’ health, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes and supporting a more cost-effective, preventative model of healthcare.

The progression of IoT services and solutions in healthcare has been slow due to the lack of standards and concerns about security. A diversity of data communication protocols and device technologies makes interoperability and data integration difficult; and, ensuring both data security and regulatory compliance is a challenge due to the complexity and volume of devices involved. This is why leveraging a secure IoT platform for medical devices, or a connected device platform suitable for medical use cases is a necessity for realizing the full potential of connected healthcare.

Using Xively as Your IoT Platform for Medical Devices

Xively, an award-winning Connected Product Management solution from LogMeIn, is a proven IoT platform offering medical device manufacturers and other service providers with high-speed wireless connectivity, superior scalability, and end-to-end security features in addition to a host of powerful device management capabilities. Xively’s API and out-of-the-box connectors simplify the process of integrating data from different medical devices with backend databases and other systems for data collection and analysis.

Leverage our best-in-class IoT platform to create intelligent, next-generation healthcare IoT products and applications that deliver high value to medical professionals, their patients, and health-conscious consumers.