IoT platform

What is the Internet of Things?

Make the Internet of Things easier with the right IoT platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to offer new revenue streams, improve customer service and enhance products and services — but only if you have an IoT platform that can reduce the complexity of running a connected business.

IoT solutions allow objects, products and infrastructure to interact with monitoring, analytics and control systems over the Internet. Companies that take advantage of IoT technology can realize significant benefits, from increased revenue and greater of optimization operations to the ability to delight and serve customers more successfully.

It takes a powerful IoT platform to successfully connect products quickly and securely, manage the unwieldy volumes of data they produce, and deliver the new layers of security required to protect users in the organization. Companies seeking ways to manage the IoT more easily find a superior IoT platform in Xively.

Xively’s IoT platform is the easiest way to profit from the Internet of things.

Xively is an award-winning enterprise IoT platform and application solution for companies that are building connected products and services. Xively lets you securely and easily connect products, manage data and engage your customers more effectively. Xively’s IoT platform lets you take advantage of IoT technology to more easily develop, market and sell and support the next generation connected products.

With Xively, you can:

  • Enhance products by adding new capabilities and creating new services.
  • Build new revenue streams by uncovering opportunities for future sales and service enablement.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by accessing real-time usage data to understand exactly how and when each customer is using your product.
  • Develop new insights by gleaning product data from systems to get a clearer picture of your business.
  • Reduce risk by better managing the cost of developing, launching and running your connected business.
  • Reduce expenses by increasing uptime and optimizing resource deployment.

Key capabilities for an IoT platform

Xively’s IoT platform is a complete connected product management solution that delivers the critical capabilities for managing the Internet of Things. Xively provides:

  • Connectivity. With blisteringly fast speed and infinite scalability, Xively offers software and hardware solutions that can process more than 86 billion messages per day.
  • Management. Xively provides tools for provisioning, monitoring, updating and managing users to simplify the complex business of running connected products.
  • Engagement. Xively integrates connected product data seamlessly with other business systems to deliver actionable insights and drive new automation and value.
  • Professional services. Xively services help to speed the adoption of IoT technologies in order to quickly increase sales, optimize service and delight customers.

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