IoT Home Platform

IoT is fast becoming pervasive in industries and homes. In homes, an IoT home platform helps owners to automate home systems through multiple connected products. These products can range from light switches and wall sockets to wireless routers, automated smart assistants, and more. Due to the disparate array of device end-points, connecting them together and securing IoT for smart home systems can be challenging. This is especially true if a DIY approach is used to tie all components in an IoT home platform together instead of engaging the services of a company whose core competency is IoT. Most importantly, without the right expertise and experience, making sense of data sent from IoT products and deriving business insights and value from the data can be daunting.

Xively, from LogMeIn, is a pure IoT company with core expertise and experience in delivering IoT solutions. Xively’s connected product management platform offers a proven, comprehensive solution to solving IoT’s numerous challenges.

Achieve ROI Quickly by Using Xively for Your IoT Home Platform

Xively’s connected product management solution is available as a platform-as-a-service. As such, Xively manages the scalability, connectivity, security, and availability requirements of IoT, freeing you to focus on structuring and organizing the data collected from connected products. This allows you to expedite IoT home platform deployments and achieve ROI quickly.

Use Xively’s Connected Product Management Solution for Your IoT Home Platform

Using Xively for your IoT home solution gives you access to the following Xively capabilities:

  • Device management — Xively’s secure IoT platform supports configuration, provisioning, administration, and monitoring of IoT devices. The Xively IoT home platform also allows you to perform software and firmware updates on your devices easily.
  • Device and data security — Xively provides IoT device security by implementing identity management features for devices and users. This mitigates unauthorized access and control of devices. Xively’s platform provides end-to-end security by securing IoT data in devices, in transit, and in the cloud. All messages sent to and received from devices are encrypted to protect product data.
  • Scalability and low latency — Xively’s platform-as-a-service is highly scalable and enables low latency for millions of messages sent to and from IoT devices. These capabilities help to support any IoT home platform that is deployed over thousands of homes.
  • Integration — Integrating product data with enterprise applications can yield valuable business insights. Xively’s connected product management platform allows you to easily integrate your product data into applications such as Salesforce to generate actionable insights, such as how to leverage your IoT home platform to enhance customers service and identify new revenue opportunities.
  • Remote device support — Devices on Xively’s platform can autonomously communicate faults with context information to the devices’ manufacturers. Manufacturers can then troubleshoot these faults remotely to support their devices.