IoT Home Automation

IoT home automation offers big business benefits.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming many aspects of business, and IoT home automation is no exception. With smart home solutions, consumers can connect everything from light bulbs and smart shades to kitchen appliances and HVAC systems to realize greater convenience, safety, savings, security and control.

Internet of Things home automation offers enormous potential for businesses that are in or entering the IoT smart home market. IoT home automation offers opportunities for new products and revenue streams as well as greater connection with customers. But managing the growth of IoT home automation products and services requires technology to connect and manage thousands or millions of connected devices, as well as the vast amount of data they produce.

In the early days of IoT home automation, many businesses mistakenly assumed they could manage IoT solutions with existing databases and information systems. But the data and scale requirements of their connected products were too large and complex, leading to enormous challenges, cost overruns and security issues when trying to integrate IoT data.

As you strategize about the best way to profit from the growing popularity of IoT home automation, consider the many benefits of adopting a proven IoT cloud platform from Xively.

Xively makes IoT home automation simple.

Xively’s cloud-based platform for IoT home automation is the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to compete in and profit from the Internet of Things.

As a division of LogMeIn – a company dedicated to connecting people to one another and the world around them in new and unique ways – Xively lets you connect products securely and quickly, manage data from those connections easily and powerfully, and use that information to connect more closely with your customers. By uniting and facilitating communication between company, customers and products, Xively makes the IoT work better.

The value of Xively for IoT home automation

When competing in the IoT home automation market, Xively’s IoT cloud services enable you to:

  • Quickly model and connect products and immediately start listening to the information they produce.
  • Easily define new features to create new revenue streams.
  • Seamlessly integrate product data with your CRM platform and other business information systems.
  • Gain insight into when the new products come online, how customers are using them and when problems arise, enabling your development teams to design new products and services that better meet customer needs and allowing your customer service teams to resolve issues more quickly.
  • Simplify management of every aspect of IoT home automation – from devices, connections and security to user access and integration of data.