IoT device management

What is the Internet of Things?

Simplify IoT device management with the right platform.

To profit from the Internet of Things, you’ll need a powerful IoT device management solution that can minimize the complexity of running a connected business.

Building an Internet of Things architecture offers enormous business benefits. You can create new revenue streams, accelerate product innovation, expand your business model and engage customers in new and exciting ways. But to reap all these rewards, you’ll need a way to easily manage your connected devices – and that’s where IoT device management comes in.

Securely connecting thousands or millions of devices is no easy task, but the right IoT device management software will let you accomplish it quickly and easily. Your IoT device management technology must also make it easy to handle and to integrate the large volumes of data your devices will produce. And a superior IoT device management solution will help you turn that data into the insight you need to develop new products and services and to delight your customers with innovation.

IoT device management is easier with Xively.

Xively, a division of LogMeIn, offers award-winning IoT device management and IoT cloud solutions that provide a faster path to profitability in the Internet of Things. Xively lets you model and connect products quickly and immediately start listening to the data they provide. You’ll know instantly when a new product comes online or when an existing product experiences a problem. Xively’s IoT device management solution lets you integrate data from your products with existing business systems, giving your product development teams new insight from a real-life user base to drive more innovative product development. And with Xively security IoT features, you can easily authenticate users and protect data while on devices, in transit and within other applications.

Comprehensive capabilities for IoT device management

As a leader among IoT cloud platforms, Xively provides a rich set of features for IoT device management to help you profit from the IoT more easily.

  • IoT connectivity features provide the speed and scalability you need to process millions of messages from millions of devices.
  • IoT management features help you provision, monitor and update devices and manage users to minimize the complexity of running a connected business.
  • IoT engagement features let you quickly turn data into actionable insight, integrating information from connected products with other business systems to delight customers with new products and services.

Xively also provides professional services in IoT device management that can help to accelerate the transformation of your company to a connected business.

Learn more about Xively's IoT device management solution and how Xively can help manage a device cloud with our free trial.