IoT data

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT data can be overwhelming.

As your business considers ways to harness the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), you first must find a way to manage the overwhelming amounts of IoT data produced by new IoT technologies.

The IoT is transforming businesses by enabling them to connect and monitor products in ways that deliver new information and insight into product performance and customer behavior. But with the growth of connected products rising exponentially, the amount of IoT data they produce can quickly become unmanageable, leaving you information rich and insight poor. Your existing database tools are likely ill-equipped to handle that much IoT data and to integrate it with your existing business systems.

To reap the benefits of the IoT, you need IoT solutions that enable you to easily manage IoT data, let you structure it to make the data actionable, and easily combine it with data throughout the organization to put real-time insight at your users’ fingertips.

Manage IoT data easily with Xively.

Xively is an award-winning enterprise IoT platform from LogMeIn that lets you securely and easily connect your products, manage the IoT data they provide and engage with your customers. With Xively, you can expertly manipulate vast amounts of IoT data and integrate it with data from other sources throughout the company to reap the benefits of the Internet of Things. Xively has been engineered from the ground up for speed, scalability and security, allowing you to focus on the insight you can glean from IoT data rather than on difficulty of managing it.

Key capabilities for managing IoT data

Xively’s simplifies management of IoT technology and IoT data with a rich set of features for:

  • Connectivity. Xively software and hardware solutions provide blazingly fast speed and infinite scalability, with the power to process more than 86 billion messages each day. Xively’s connectivity is built on a 13-year legacy of reliability and security.
  • Management. Xively simplifies the management of connected products by providing easy-to-use tools for provisioning, monitoring and updating IoT products, and for managing and authenticating users.
  • Engagement. Xively supports engagement by converting data and relationships into actionable insight. In addition to making product data easily available, Xively also integrates seamlessly with CRM suites and other business systems to drive automation.
  • Professional services. Xively’s team of IoT experts can help to transform your company into a connected business, enabling you to improve sales, enhance service and optimize operations.

Learn more about Xively tools for managing IoT data and about Xively solutions for smart home solutions and securing the Internet of Things with our free trial.