IoT connectivity

What is the Internet of Things?

Improve IoT connectivity with the right Internet of Things platform.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating exciting new markets, products and revenue streams, but profiting from IoT connectivity requires a powerful and innovative IoT platform.

By enabling products like lightbulbs, thermostats, security systems and appliances to connect with the companies that build them and the customers that use them, enterprise IoT technology is quickly transforming business possibilities. But managing a myriad of connected devices and the vast amounts of data they produce can cause problems for existing information systems, databases and IT environments.

IoT solutions can help by simplifying the task of connecting devices and managing and integrating the data they produce. But many companies attempt to develop their own IoT architecture only to find that this task can quickly overwhelm the capacity of their IT teams. 81% of companies that try to achieve IoT connectivity by building their own IoT software face significant cost overruns, breaches in security and IoT products that quickly become obsolete.

The key to achieving superior IoT connectivity is to choose an IoT platform that makes managing the Internet of Things as easy as possible. That’s where Xively can help.

Xively makes IoT connectivity easy.

Xively is a division of LogMeIn and provides an award-winning enterprise IoT platform and IoT application solution for organizations that want to develop, market and sell connected products and services.

With Xively tools for IoT connectivity, you can easily model new products, connect them to your platform and begin listening to the information they produce in real time. Xively makes it easy to define new features, using data gleaned from a real-life user base to guide product development. You’ll know the second a new product comes online and when the user is experiencing problems with a connected product, enabling you to delight customers with speedy resolution of issues. And Xively helps integrate your IoT connectivity data with data from the rest of your business to produce actionable insight that can help you compete more effectively.

Benefits for IoT connectivity

When you manage IoT connectivity with Xively, you can:

  • Easily enhance products and services with new capabilities.
  • Add new revenue streams by uncovering opportunities for feature, sales and service enablement.
  • Delight customers by better understanding how they are using your product.
  • Gain insight from a richer view of your business thanks to data gleaned from products across your systems.
  • Reduce the risk of launching and running a connected business.

Learn more about enhancing IoT connectivity with Xively with our free trial.