IoT Connected Devices

Rapid expansion in cloud and mobile computing and the lowering of technical and economic barriers to connectivity are driving growth in the Internet of Things. From factories and warehouses to our homes and our bodies, IoT connected devices are delivering an array of benefits to businesses and consumers alike. And with the emergence of powerful IoT software platforms and development tools, firms of all sizes are now able to leverage IoT technologies and deliver innovation to the marketplace.

A proven connected device platform like Xively makes it easier for companies to develop and deploy IoT-enabled devices without sacrificing data security or privacy. Our platform simplifies the process of connecting, managing, and supporting IoT connected devices, letting you spend more time and resources on creating innovative products—and less on dealing with the technical complexities of the Internet of Things infrastructure.

IoT Connected Devices for Healthcare and in the Home

One of the more interesting and promising use cases of IoT connected devices is in the healthcare sector where we are seeing a proliferation of connected healthcare solutions. Ranging from smart pill bottles to biosensing wearables, IoT connected devices are transforming the way healthcare is delivered.

Remote heath monitoring systems, for example, enable doctors and other healthcare professionals to collect and access patient health data and provide feedback to patients in real-time outside of clinical settings. This allows them to better manage chronic diseases, reduce treatment costs, and empower patients to make better health decisions. In the near future, we expect to see more disruptive implementations of healthcare IoT as device makers leverage an IoT platform for medical devices to create intelligent ecosystems of interconnected devices and applications.

Another interesting use case of IoT connected devices is in the home appliances market. Smart home Internet of Things products like connected washing machines and smart thermostats are helping consumers live greener, save money, and manage their homes with their mobile devices. The truly smart home however, in which various IoT connected devices and apps exchange data and interact to better serve the user, has yet to be realized. But as device makers begin to overcome the fragmentation in standards among IoT connected devices, we should see more innovative implementations of IoT in the home.

Xively: Helping You Deliver Cutting-Edge IoT Connected Devices to Market Faster

Xively is a connected product management platform suitable for developing and managing both consumer-facing connected devices and business process-focused solutions like those found in the Internet of Things retail industry. We provide you with lightning-fast connectivity and end-to-end data security plus powerful device management tools and out-of-the-box data integration support—all of the technical capabilities you need to quickly build, deliver, and support cutting-edge IoT connected devices. We solve the infrastructural challenges of IoT, so your teams can focus on improving your products and keeping your customers happy.