IoT cloud solutions

What is the Internet of Things?

Transform your business with IoT cloud solutions.

The Internet of Things can dramatically transform your business — but only if you adopt the right IoT cloud solutions.

Managing IoT technology is an incredibly complicated challenge. To be competitive, you’ve got to quickly and securely connect thousands or maybe millions of IoT smart home devices and other products. Once you start gathering the data these products provide, you may quickly find that your existing information systems and databases can’t sufficiently handle these new real-time data streams. Additionally, to use this information effectively you’ll need to integrate it with your existing systems. And you have to think hard about security – all of these devices represent potential new points of vulnerability and may be easy targets for hackers.

When considering these challenges, some companies choose to develop their own IoT cloud solutions. But this is a risky endeavor — more than 80% of companies building their own Internet of Things platforms end up with cost overruns, security breaches and IoT applications and products that need constant updates or that have very short shelf-lives.

The smarter choice when considering how best to profit from the Internet of things is to choose proven IoT cloud solutions like those from Xively.

IoT cloud solutions from Xively connect you to products and customers.

As a division of LogMeIn, Xively offers powerful, award-winning IoT cloud solutions that let you focus on managing your business rather than on the nuts and bolts of building an IoT platform. Xively provides all the IoT device management tools you need to develop and connect smart home solutions and other products, to manage and integrate the data they produce, and to securely authenticate both devices and end-users in order to secure your company, your devices and your data. With Xively IoT cloud solutions, you can dramatically simplify the work involved in managing a connected business and free your IT team to work on higher value projects.

Connect, manage and engage with Xively’s IoT cloud solutions.

With Xively’s IoT cloud solutions, you can:

  • Connect products quickly and easily, using Xively’s software, hardware and engineering expertise to get up and running securely and at scale.
  • Manage your connected products and all the data they produce, integrating it easily with existing information and securing products, data and users.
  • Engage with customers in new and exciting ways by turning real-time product data into actionable insight that can drive innovation and deliver greater value to customers.

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