IoT cloud services

What is the Internet of Things?

Simplify the Internet of Things with innovative IoT cloud services.

For companies exploring the possibilities for profiting from the Internet of Things (IoT), the right IoT cloud services can mean the difference between success and failure.

While IoT technologies hold out tantalizing potential for new markets and revenue streams, success is by no means guaranteed. Managing an Internet of Things architecture is remarkably complex – there are thousands or millions of devices to connect, authenticate and protect. The real-time information they generate can be overwhelming, and few companies have systems and databases in place to be able to manage these data streams. Each new connected product and the data it holds are also potential points of vulnerability and easy targets for attackers. And the complicated task of managing and authenticating groups of users and products can easily distract IT teams from higher-value projects.

Fortunately, the right IoT cloud services can help to accomplish these tasks and manage a connected business more easily. When choosing an Internet of Things services provider, a growing number of leading companies today turn to Xively.

IoT cloud services from Xively offer a faster path to profit.

Xively’s award-winning Internet of Things platform provides IoT cloud services to help businesses profit from the Internet of things more quickly.

Xively’s IoT cloud services help companies connect products quickly and securely, manage and integrate data easily, and engage customers more effectively with new products, better services and enhanced capabilities.

With Xively’s IoT cloud services, connected businesses can more easily build, market and manage the next generation of IoT products and connected home solutions.

Comprehensive IoT cloud services

IoT cloud services from Xively include tools for managing all aspects of a connected business. IoT cloud capabilities include:

  • Connectivity features that make it easy to connect devices with infinite scalability.
  • Management features that simplify the tasks of provisioning, monitoring and updating devices and of authenticating and managing users.
  • Security features that offer end-to-end protection of devices and the data they contain while in transit and at rest.
  • Engagement features that allow you to transform data and relationships into insight that can help deliver greater value and better products for customers.

Xively IoT cloud services also include professional services that can help speed the transformation of a company into a connected business, offering a faster path to increased profits, optimized operations and better customer engagement.

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