IoT cloud platforms

What is the Internet of Things?

Superior IoT cloud platforms simplify the Internet of Things.

For companies jumping into the Internet of Things (IoT) business landscape, the choice of IoT cloud platforms can make all the difference between profit and loss.

Proven IoT cloud platforms are critical to managing the connected business. The task of connecting thousands or millions of devices, managing the real-time data they produce, integrating it with existing information systems and defending it all from potential attacks is incredibly challenging. Many organizations developing Internet of Things solutions and products mistakenly believe they can save money and retain control by developing their own IoT cloud platform. Most soon find out that their existing systems and databases simply weren’t built to handle these new requirements. The result: more than 80% of companies building their own IoT cloud platforms wind up with cost overruns, security breaches and enterprise IoT systems and products that are quickly obsolete.

With superior IoT cloud platforms, companies can avoid committing IT resources to designing, building and maintaining an in-house IoT software platform, and instead free the IT team to pursue other high value activities.

When comparing IoT cloud platforms, a growing number of companies are turning to the IoT platform offered by Xively to help them compete more effectively in this newly connected business environment.

Xively: a leader among IoT cloud platforms

Xively is a leading provider of IoT cloud platforms that help to minimize the complexity, cost and risk of running a connect business. With Xively, you can easily harness the voice of connected products and turn real-time product, user and contextual data into actionable insights that can drive value and innovation.

Xively makes it easy to connect products and immediately begin collecting real-time data. With Xively, you can quickly integrate product data with information from other systems, gaining insight from a real-life user base to improve and accelerate product development. You’ll have new and clearer visibility into how customers are using your products, and you’ll be able to address issues more quickly to improve customer service.

Benefits over DIY IoT cloud platforms

Xively offers many advantages over the do-it-yourself approach to IoT cloud platforms. With Xively you can:

  • Connect products quickly and scale easily with high-speed connectivity that lets you process messages from millions of connected devices.
  • Manage devices effortlessly with tools to provision, configure, monitor and update connected products.
  • Engage customers more effectively by enhancing products with new capabilities and developing new products and services based on actionable insight about how customers use your connected products.

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