IoT cloud platform

What is the Internet of Things?

The right IoT cloud platform makes the Internet of Things possible.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms the way that companies connect, manage and engage with products and customers, it will take a powerful IoT cloud platform to compete effectively in this new business landscape.

The IoT promises to help companies open up new revenue sources, streamline operations and connect with customers in innovative and exciting ways. But managing Internet of Things applications and the data originating from thousands of IoT products is not something most organizations are ready for – their existing systems and databases simply weren’t designed for this new reality. Yet many companies nevertheless attempt to develop their own IoT software and platforms and more often than not face cost overruns, security breaches and IoT products that have very short shelf lives.

The alternative is to adopt a superior IoT cloud platform. With the right solution, you can more easily authenticate, manage and secure IoT devices and integrate the data they generate with existing information systems in order to improve product development and respond rapidly to customer demand. And when seeking the best IoT platform, more organizations today are turning to the proven Internet of Things platform from Xively.

Xively’s IoT cloud platform lets you profit more quickly from the Internet of Things.

As a division of LogMeIn, Xively provides an award-winning IoT cloud platform for enterprises that are designing and building connected products and services. With Xively, you can quickly and securely connect your products, manage data from those connections and use it to drive innovation in the way you engage customers. Xively’s IoT cloud platform successfully enables you to develop, market, sell and support the next generation of connected products.

As one of the world’s leading Internet of Things platforms, Xively lets you quickly model and connect your products and then immediately start listening and gathering data. You’ll know the moment that new product is online or when a problem arises and requires your attention. Data from your connected products can be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your business in order to optimize operations, speed product development and delight customers with new products and services. Ultimately, Xively’s IoT cloud platform manages the complexity of the Internet of Things, so you can focus instead on managing your business.

Essential capabilities in an IoT cloud platform

An IoT cloud platform from Xively provides all the capabilities you need to profit from the Internet of Things:

  • Fast connectivity and infinite scalability ensure that you can easily process the large volumes of data from your connected products.
  • Management tools allow you to quickly provision, monitor and update products while managing users more easily.
  • Engagement features turn data and relationships into insight you can use to drive automation and build greater value.

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