IoT architecture

What is the Internet of Things?

Competing in the Internet of Things requires innovative IoT architecture.

As you strategize about how to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to gain competitive advantage, the first item on your task list must be selecting the right IoT architecture.

Profiting from the IoT inevitably requires a transformation of your IT environment. Most companies find that their existing systems and databases aren’t sufficient to manage thousands or millions of connected devices and the overwhelming amount of real-time data they generate. Even more challenging are the tasks of authenticating devices and users, securing data on devices and while in transit, and integrating information from IoT technologies with existing CRM platforms and other information systems within the organization.

When sizing up these challenges, some companies regrettably choose to try to build their own IoT architecture, only to find that the task is far more difficult than they anticipated. Not surprisingly, this results in cost overruns, security breaches and IoT cloud solutions and products with amazingly short shelf-lives.

Clearly, to make the Internet of Things a source of profit and competitive advantage, you will need a proven and powerful IoT architecture.

An IoT architecture solution from Xively

Xively provides an award-winning cloud platform and Internet of Things architecture that simplifies the IoT and reduces risks when transforming your organization into a connected business.

Xively’s IoT architecture provides all the tools you need to develop, market, sell and support your connected IoT products. With Xively’s Internet of Things solutions, you can quickly connect products, ensure that they are secure, manage the data they generate, integrate it with existing systems and use it to engage your customers in new and surprising ways.

Xively’s IoT architecture provides all the tools you need.

When working with an IoT architecture from Xively, you’ll have access to a rich set of tools that allow you to easily manage the many challenges of building and running a connected business.

Xively IoT architecture enables you to:

  • Communicate with connected products with blisteringly fast speed and infinite scalability, processing millions of messages at sub-second speed.
  • Manage your fleet of devices easily with tools for provisioning, configuring, monitoring, administrating and updating connected products.
  • Authenticate products and end-users easily.
  • Protect your organization with end-to-end security to protect data on devices and in transit.
  • Provide remote device support that enables products to autonomously communicate issues and critical context to OEMs for automated or manual troubleshooting.

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