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Want IoT Success? Think Beyond the Things

IoT Gives Your Products a Voice

Xively gives that voice meaning through our connected product management platform. When you understand what your products are saying, you can create new engagements with customers that could be new features, new services or better ways to support your customers.


Define your path from concept to connected in 15 minutes with the Xively ProductLauncher. There are over 300 connected product models to get you started.


Watch the video to see the business value CPM brings.


On-demand Webinar

IoT Journey featuring Freight Farms

In this webinar Xively hosted Freight Farms, a company that used IoT to revolutionize the way fresh food is grown and delivered.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how Freight Farms was able to quickly bring their connected product to market and the scalability challenges they faced and had to overcome.

Watch recording