Internet of Things solutions

What is the Internet of Things?

Innovative Internet of Things solutions are the key to profitability.

Organizations around the world are seeking powerful Internet of Things solutions as they consider how best to profit from this latest business revolution.

By enabling connected devices and products to communicate with customers and companies, the Internet of Things (IoT) holds the potential to radically transform business practices and customer expectations.

But taking advantage of IoT technologies is a complex proposition. Most companies don’t have the systems, databases and Internet of Things solutions needed to connect thousands or millions of devices and manage the voluminous flow of real-time data they produce. Even fewer organizations are equipped to handle the challenge of authenticating groups of products and users and defending all of these new points of vulnerability from attackers.

Some companies choose to develop their own Internet of Things solutions to manage connected devices more easily, but this almost always proves to be a mistake. Four out of five companies that attempt to build and design Internet of Things platforms from scratch end up dealing with cost overruns, security breaches and IoT products with short shelf-lives.

It takes innovative and proven Internet of Things solutions to compete and profit in an industry that is moving and changing as quickly as the IoT. That’s where Xively comes in.

Xively’s Internet of Things solutions make the IoT easy.

Xively offers award-winning Internet of Things solutions that reduce the risk, cost and complexity of launching and managing a connected business.

Xively delivers all the tools you need to connect devices quickly, manage real-time data streams from thousands or millions of products, and use that information to engage customers more effectively.

Ultimately, Xively lets you forget about the challenges of managing your devices and your Internet of Things solutions and focus instead on how best to profit from them.

The capabilities of Xively’s Internet of Things solutions

With Xively’s IoT application you can:

  • Connect IoT products and IoT home automation devices quickly and easily.
  • Enable devices to communicate with blazing fast speed, processing millions of messages from millions of devices.
  • Model products and define new features easily based on information about how customers are using your products.
  • Delight customers by adding new products, services and capabilities to solve customer problems and meet customer demands.
  • Resolve issues quickly by knowing when products are on or off line and when problems arise.
  • Integrate data seamlessly with information in your CRM platform and other systems throughout the organization.

Learn more about the Internet of Things solutions available from Xively, and about solutions for an industrial IoT platform with our free trial.