Internet of Things solution

What is the Internet of Things?

Maximize competitiveness with the right Internet of Things solution.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to radically transform the business landscape, companies wanting to profit from this new technology will need a powerful Internet of Things solution.

By enabling a myriad of devices and connected home solutions to share information with companies, individuals and other products, the IoT opens up dramatic new possibilities for product development, revenue growth and customer engagement. But managing IoT applications and thousands of connected devices also brings extraordinary new challenges for companies hoping to take advantage of this new technology.

To manage IoT technologies, you’ll need an Internet of Things solution that will not only let you quickly provision and connect devices but also easily manage and integrate the incredible volume of data that they will produce. Your Internet of Things solution must provide advanced security, as each new device and every transfer of information represents a potential security vulnerability. And your Internet of Things platform must simplify management and authentication of users and groups of connected products – a complex task which can be a tremendous strain on IT resources.

An Internet of Things solution from Xively.

Xively provides an answer for companies seeking an Internet of Things solution that can simplify all the tasks involved in managing and profiting from connected devices. Xively’s award-winning IoT cloud solutions helps to harness the power of the IoT and address the most pressing needs of a connected business. Combining real-time data from products and users with third-party contextual data, Xively’s Internet of Things solution delivers actionable insights that can help drive new product development, open new revenue streams and engage customers more effectively.

Benefits of Xively’s Internet of Things solution

Xively’s Internet of Things solution provides tools for:

  • Faster connectivity. Incredibly fast and infinitely scalable, Xively’s cloud IoT solution lets you connect products quickly and securely with hardware and software solutions that can process more than 86 billion messages per day.
  • Simpler management. Xively eliminates the complexity of managing connect devices by providing tools for provisioning, monitoring and updating products and managing and authenticating users.
  • More valuable engagement. Xively lets you process and integrate data and relationships, turning information into actionable insight that helps to engage and delight customers more easily.
  • Professional services. Xively’s professional services team can speed your transformation to a connected business, helping to increase sales, optimize service and serve customers more successfully.

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